Release date delayed

Due to real life getting in the way, we're going to delay the release date from September 1st to a TBA future date - as soon as I have a solid estimate I'll let you guys know! 

We've been kicking around the idea of adding Voice Acting to IS for a while, but that would have made the scope truly impossible for SuNoFes. Since we're delaying it anyway, adding voice acting has now become a definite possibility and who doesn't want to hear posh British voice acting, really.

Best, Maria ❤️

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Hope everything is ok on your end and will wait for this game however long it takes!! It's currently one of my favorite ever wips ❤❤

I'm so happy that you enjoyed it ❤️ We're good, we're just still recovering from Otome jam and RL keeps happening but we'll get there, slow and steady 💪

Hope you turn the tables on real life and get back on this horse soon! All the best <3