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Impolite Society is a historical Otome / Visual Novel set in Regency London. 

The demo features the 10k word prologue of the story and was developed within the scope of Otome Jam 2022. The full version of the game will continue being developed during SuNoFes 2022.

Impolite Society is a pet project and we'll never charge money for it. Instead, I hope you'll consider taking a few moments to fluff our egos and leave us a rating and/or a review!  Who do you like the most? What did you love? What did you abhor? Did we make you laugh? Let us know! 😊😊😊

For development updates, follow @MarySueGames on Twitter!

After a failed engagement and the untimely death of your father, you have been content to while away your days from the safety of Dorsett Park. Your sister's first season and the arrival of a letter from your brother, however, all but shatter the status quo you've been so desperately striving to preserve.

Once again cast into polite society, you must juggle your sister’s introduction to the ton, as well as several social events you can’t ignore. Furthermore, your managing nature keeps getting you tangled up in the lives of a few eligible (and some not-so-eligible) young men.

Can you survive the Season, or will you get caught up in the dangerous webs being woven around you?

Director: MarySueGames (twitter, itch)

Programmer: MarySueGames (twitteritch)

Writers: MarySueGames (twitteritch), ilegalileo (twitteritch), skai2blue4u (twitteritch)

Sprite Artist: MarySueGames (twitteritch), skai2blue4u (twitteritch)

GUI Artist: MarySueGames (twitteritch)

BG Artist: MarySueGames (twitteritch), Cynn (twitter)

Composer: rice (twitteritch)

CG Artists: Autumn (twitter), Ryn (twitter)


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Development log


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Excellent prologue, there's a lot going on in the story and the pacing is very good too. It was engaging enough that I only noticed on my second playthrough, that there are no choices at all this early in the game. A small miracle, as I usually love choice-heavy stories :D

The art is nice, character art is kind of fun actually, and I love the characters' expressions. (I love how Parker's expressions differ little and change slowly, it really does make him unreadable and subtle. Love details like this!) All the characters that were introduced seem interesting too, and not just the LIs.

I'm really looking forward to the full game, the demo implies on so many interesting storylines to discover and the premise is very promising. And an independent and strong-willed female MC in regency era sound fun to play. Hope you will be able to continue IS sooner rather than later. Stay safe and healthy :)


I love this game. I already played this game once and i cant wait for the full game to be released and to find out who the bonus character is.


I have a feeling it's the ex-fiance. Just off of the "vile bastard" and "remember" bit.


I really really love this so much!!! I hope the full version gets released T-T


This is absolutely incredible! I love Isabelle as a character, and the UI and character designs are amazing. I don't know if this is abandoned or whether there's a release date, but if its continuing all the best on your development <3


Oh hey, thank you so much for your kind words! ❤️🙏 IS is not abandoned, it just took us a while to recover after last year's Otome Jam. 

I'm currently working on another game as a palate cleanser but I fully intend to come back to IS after that!


No worries at all I understand game development is grueling <3 looking forward to the release and good luck on your other projects!


I just played the demo! It's been in my, "Demos to try," collection for months. I really love regency era romance games and I enjoyed the demo very much! I cannot wait to play more ❤

Is this abandoned?


Your timing is ✨impeccable✨ - I was just going to post a devlog today.

It's definitely not abandoned, it's just so much longer than I initially thought it would be. Like so much. Or rather it's not that it's longer, it's more that it'll take longer...? Turns out (to no one's surprise but yours truly) that the Jam Life is completely unsustainable long term. That meant adjusting and doing things at a healthier but slower pace.

I'm currently tinkering with different ways of actually releasing the game so that it's not just when ALL the routes and all the things are done, otherwise it'll be a while. Though let's be honest, even if I do split it into bits/chapters/routes, it's STILL going to be a while. I'm also going to try to give out more frequent updates, just with the purpose of 'still here, haven't expired yet'.

I know I didn't reply to your previous comment and I'm really sorry for that. I promise it wasn't rude or anything, quite the opposite - I just have a bad habit of procrastinating replies and disappearing off the face of the earth when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Thanks so much for asking and showing an interest!

Love, Maria ❤️


Thanks for replying, and no worries, i have absolutely no idea how hard it is to make a game but i can imagine to an extent how difficult and overwhelming it can be. ❤

Take all the time you need to make a good game (quality takes time in my limited experience) and most importantly take care of yourself! 

And i hope you know i ask because i really love what you made so far and want to play the whole game at some point, but like you said an update every once in a while will be appreciated 


This is such a lovely VN so far! I really enjoyed the dialogue and the MC characterization. It follows the "I don't want to be married" trope but it's not so overtly "hit you on the head with it." 

Three things to note though:

1. I know someone else mentioned this, but the sprite bouncing almost every other click was a bit much. I found myself focusing on "when is it going to bounce" more so than on the text at times. 

2. I think the option to change the character name would be wonderful.

3. I'd be nice if there was a "back"  button to go to the previous dialogue box. I accidentally clicked when I hadn't meant to and skipped over some of the text.

I really do enjoy all 3 main characters, which is surprising because I usually find one of the ML's to be not my cup of tea. However, I think the MC's characterization and unique dialogue with each ML really helps us understand why and how we could fall in love with them!

Great work and I'm excited to see more in the future!


Hello, don't mean to be rude or rush you or something like that but i was wondering if there is any updates about the game progress?

I only ask because on here and on twitter the last updates were in August.

Can't wait to playthe full game!


I am a trans male and I would really love it if you added pronouns and maybe a male avatar for MC. Also maybe allow us to like chose if we want a dress or suit. I am a feminine boy that's why.


i second this- a pronoun option would be nice


Thanks, I honestly thought I was alone.


of course, let's change all the concept of the game so that it's to your liking! Like there aren't enough games with male MC to play...


I'm not saying they have to also sorry if I made you upset, I was trying to give my opinions and yes I know there are games with male MC but I haven't seen much sorry again. If you so desire I can and will delete my comment all I ask is that you won't be a jerk about it.


I really enjoyed the demo and I'm looking forward to the full release!


The writing in this demo is so delightful and witty! The art style is gorgeous and I love how each character feels fleshed out and distinct. Isabelle is a brilliant protagonist and I am eager to see what's in store for her in the full game :D


I really really love this, can't wait for the full game!

I'm so glad! ❤️


love love love this!! i may be a sucker for period pieces but this one was just entirely beautiful on its own. the color palette is so pleasing to me and all the characters look so lovely, but i absolutely adore the sprites. some of the expressions were just too accurate and i read in the comments that even more are coming?? i can't wait.

i am already very fond of the protagonist and it's been a total of  one (1) chapter, but the dialogue completely did it for me. i am very curious about the other characters, both the already introduced and the still missing ones, but i enjoyed the chances to explore some of those relationships, the characters feel all very fleshed out already so i am very excited to learn more about them.

the writing is smooth and just delightful, the music is also very nice!! thank you for all your work, i am so looking forward to what's next <3


Cannot wait for the full game! 

The UI is one of my favourites from all the jam games honestly; it's just so clean and classy and there isn't a single pixel out of place. It's so polished and nice to navigate. I love the game logo as well, the colour palette in general for the game (between the UI, the BGs and the sprites)  was really soft and lovely. I also love the variety of expressions that the characters had, it really added some energy to their dialogue. The music was also fantastic and very easy on the ears.

Isabelle is such a delightful MC, I really enjoyed her wit and her humour and the way she interacts with everyone.

Re: the love interests, I'm a Charles kinda girl y'know? I like my men meddlesome and  serious! But on the other hand, Parker's mysterious vibe is pulling me in and I'm just dying to know how that romance plays out (as well as who the heck Mr. Mystery is!!)

Eagerly looking forward to the completed game!


The UI Is really pretty and the art is really gorgeous! Some of the banter was really fun too - I think my favorite line was near the end between Iz and Eleanor:

Iz: "I've been reading-" 
Eleanor: "A dangerous pasttime." 

I don't know why, but that made me laugh so much! I'm not really one for period dramas/stories, but I did quite enjoy this banter and I am very curious to know about mysterious Jasper. Also, I'm glad to see that the Butler is one of the Love Interests (can't wait to see his route) - I was going to riot otherwise (I'm kidding, I'm kidding - I wouldn't dare riot). 

Nicely done.

Deleted 1 year ago

I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks so much for the feedback!

- The sprites popping when they speak is an additional cue that someone is talking - without it, everything looks a bit static, especially since we don't have extra poses. It was a conscious design decision and we're sticking with it for the time being though if we ever get voice acting it will no longer be necessary.

- Oh god yes, it absolutely is the longest sentence in the whole story. I'm trimming it down!

- Yes. The answer is absolutely yes. 🥳  For otome jam I was a little overwhelmed and didn't get to it, but in the future everyone is going to get very blushy it's going to be a delight.

Thanks so much and I can't wait for you to play the full version! ❤️

Deleted 1 year ago

Fun demo! :D

Some things I loved:

  • All the female characters! Complex and complicated and not necessarily always likable - very human. I love having a fully realized world with interesting side characters instead of just focusing on the LIs.
  • Incredibly sympathetic MC! (And intelligent and snarky to boot)
  • Great sense of time/place

Other thoughts:

  • There are a couple of typos (“subreptitious” or something similar iirc), which do distract a bit from the generally sparkling prose
  • I really, really hope there’s a MC spinster ending that isn’t presented as a bad end. I can see the MC being happy as a spinster! (Though of course I want to see all the LI routes as well.)

Looking forward to the full game! :D


Hey, thanks so much for your review - it's not every day that I get such actionable feedback! 

The good:

- I'm glad you loved the side characters! Adding extra characters always has a very concrete cost in VNs in terms of sprite work, but now I'm glad it was worth it 😊

- All I have ever wanted Isabelle to read as.

- Hopefully, we can maintain that throughout the whole game.

The ugly:

- I filtered the entire demo through Grammarly and most of the typos and missing / extra / misspelt words should be fixed now. V 1.2 is out already and you're officially part of the devlog 😂 Thanks so much for pointing them out and helping us make a better game!

The random:

- I've been chewing over how to write the Common Route and that's honestly where I think it should lead. I'm not sure if we'll have enough time in SuNoFes to do everything we want with it, but we will certainly do our best! 

Hope to see you soon! ❤️




I had a lot of fun with this demo! The banter is clever and the writing terribly fun. Isabelle is absolutely delightful, I love her spirit and sass, and her interactions with the female side characters are really fantastic!

The art is stunning. All the characters look so great, and the coloring is so aesthetically pleasing. The expressions are excellent, part of which I credit to their glorious eyebrows. (Harry's sulk is hilarious and I love it.)

I don't read a lot of Regency novels, but I really enjoyed this! I would marry Harry, he's darling. Lets be real though, Parker is clearly best boy, and I have some interesting ideas about a certain vile bastard...

(2 edits)

This review is everything 😭❤️ I'm delighted that it makes for an enjoyable read and that you like the cast - it can be so hit and miss with these things. 

And I'm happy you like the eyebrows omg. And the pastels, the pastels are a biggie and Harrryyyyy argh. I feel so validated rn.

I'm ecstatic you like them (the Parker fanclub is always glad to accept new members, we can all sigh over some tea and simp together) and that you're already theorising about that piece of scum vile bastard the fourth love interest 😂 We'll be unveiling him soonish, I hope!


Be me, being like, "Harry's kind of cute..." and then "OH NO BUT PARKER'S AMAZING" and "Charlie's not bad. "Anyway, Parker's the best, the writing was STELLAR and made me laugh but was like...perfectly Regency, and Isabelle is a wonderful heroine.

Don't worry, the Parker Fanclub accepts all members, regardless of their feelings towards other LIs 😂

I'm thrilled you found the writing to your liking tho, and that it tasted period-appropriate 😊 Hope we'll see you back in two months' time! 😘


Simply delightful! The characters are lovely, with their own unique traits and quirks that lead to very amusing banter that is delightful and witty in equal measure. I was hooked from start to finish. Definitely worth the time, and am looking forward to the full game!

Thanks so much for playing and reviewing and hdkahfd just overall existing. ❤️😊


This demo was so much fun!
The writing is incredible and the art is amazing (I legitimately gasped at parker's sparkly eyes he's so pretty sadjhfsdh)
I loved how I got to meet so many different characters in the demo, they all felt very well written and fleshed out. I also adore the main character!! 
Even though I am not super familiar with the Regency era, everything the characters discussed was easy to follow which I appreciated a lot ^^ 

very much looking forward to the full release!! 

parker's stan club welcomes you with open arms 

Thanks so much, I'm really glad you gave it a go! 😭❤️ Also I'm so happy you like the main character, it's such a difficult thing to get right and we're really happy that the feedback we've gotten has been so positive!!! 🌻🌻🌻

Hope to see you back when the full game is out!


This game is UTTERLY GORGEOUS and I absolutely loved every second of it. I'm so excited for the full game to come out, but while I wait I'll just enjoy daydreaming of Parkers Route. 

I just spent the whole day outlining it and I'm happy to say it's looking gud. 😊


Charming, witty and with gorgeous characters, the demo for Impolite Society left me craving for more.
It's a great way to kill off some time and best played indoors on a rainy day with your favorite tea by your side.

lol ily thanks so much for playing ittt ❤️😊


It's been a long time since the dialogue in an otome had me giggling and kicking my feet because how well the banter was written. It's so witty and funny, I found myself reading it aloud in an awful British accent like the period pieces that are on the tv. I love how the characters all had their moments to get to know them enough to get a grasp but still very much want to know more. As the older sister to a younger one, the dynamic between the two is really well done. And despite how charming and fun the banter was, the tonal shift when Iz went to check up on her was executed elegantly and with care. That is all to say, I cannot wait for the full game (and that my eye is on Parker and possibly breaking up an engagement).

I'm not crying, you're crying. 😭❤️ Seriously though, thank you so much for taking the time to write this and I'm so happy it hit the right notes! 

Team Parker is glad to welcome another member!


a charming demo!


Thanks so much for giving it a go! 😊 We hope by the end of this it'll be a charming game!


I really enjoyed this demo, looking forward to the full game. Also, I want to marry the main character, she's wonderful and I love her!

Isabelle's ego has been appropriately puffed up by the fact that there's yet another person who wants her hand in marriage. 😂  I'm glad you loved her - she's so entertaining to write - and we'll see you again in two months!


I am here for this! I love the dynamic between the sisters and how witty and headstrong our heroine is. Cannot wait to play more. (I've got my eye on you, Parker!)

This review is legit all I've ever wanted people to feel about the characters shfdkshfd! ❤️😭 (Parker will be apathetically eagerly waiting for you!)


I was gushing about it to some friends today. You have a hell of start here and I cannot wait to see where it goes. <3 


This is absolutely not my type of game, but the characters and their dialogue got me invested 5 minutes into it! The art style blend betwen the characters and the background works amazingly well and the character expression are great! Very much looking forward for more!

Thanks so much for playing and reviewing and dhkjfhkaf 😭❤️ being so overall supportive and great about this.


Just downloaded. Out of curiousity, is the "vile bastard" actually in the game, or is he gonna be added in later?

The vile bastard has been mentioned but won't be making an appearance yet 😏


LOL! I'll keep a lookout for updates then. I wanna see what Bastard's face looks like XD


I had so much fun reading the demo! I loved so much about it, the entire conversation with Harry was so fun. I also enjoyed the breakfast scene with Eleanor and am curious to see if and how it's expanded upon in the future. The scene with Parker in what I assume is the study had to be my favorite among the love interests, I definitely look forward to playing his route when the time comes. And not to sound like a conspiracy theorists but I can't help but wonder if the fourth love interest is a Mr. Jasper Monroe, if so I look forward to how that will turn out.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, I'm so glad you like themmmm 😭❤️ 

At the present date, we can neither confirm nor deny these totally insightful theories ðŸ˜‚ I will say however that it's a doozy.


I am so in for this specific ride!!!!

Buckle up and keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times - it's about to get bumpy 😏


Loved the demo! I love regency era stories, and I'm excited for the full release <3 


We are also v excited and hope in two months we'll deliver something that you'll love as well! 😊