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Ding dong, ya tank is dead. To bring her back, you accept a quest to escort... a duck??,  under strict instructions NOT to open the cage. 

Enjoy duck puns galore, a wealth of truly terrible jokes, and — sometimes spicy but mostly dumb — romance with the adventurer of your choosing. 

Due to time constraints, we decided to release a small, polished demo that is 12k words and includes the two first in-game days. Updates to come, SoonTM. In the meantime, enjoy the demo and keep up with us on Twitter or itch!

This demo contains 2 days of in-game time:

  • Character Customisation: Name, Pronouns, Appearance
  • Point-and-Click item mechanic (not really very relevant for the demo but if you want an extra choice in Baz's shop, I suggest you take a look at the sprinkler ❤️)
  • Around 12k words
  • Partially / fully voiced scenes
  • 9 characters
  • 4 original backgrounds
  • 4 original songs from our OST
  • Most importantly, The Duck

This game contains descriptions of violence, strong language, character death, betrayal, spiders (not in the demo) and terrible duck puns. Some routes may hurt your fee-fees.

You have been warned.

Director: MarySueGames 

Sprite Artists: MarySueGamesLuluCat

Background Artists: Ficklerats,  MarySueGames

GUI Artist: MarySueGames

Writers: MarySueGamesAutumnEris

Editors: Olivia / LunaMakaioMarySueGames

Programmers: Eishelin ( twitter ) , MarySueGames

SFX: Kylie Siaw ( itch | twitter ), HenkkaStorm

OST Composer: HenkkaStorm, special thanks to Kylie Siaw ( itch | twitter )

Audio Director: Kylie Siaw ( itch | twitter )

Casting Director: Rita Amparita ( twitter ), Olivia / LunaMakaio

Voice Director: Rita Amparita ( websitetwitter ) 

Voice Actors: 

Social Media Manager: LexieDreamstate, MarySueGamesRita Amparita ( twitter )

Project Manager: Kylie Siaw ( itch | twitter ), MarySueGames

QA: ???

Additional Contributions: Windchimes (Project Management), Bella (Concept Art), Vera Burd (Item Concept)

Updated 23 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(91 total ratings)
AuthorsMarySueGames, Eishelin, KitsunePlush, AzuFx
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tagsamare, Character Customization, Comedy, Fantasy, josei, Otome, Ren'Py, Romance, Story Rich, Voice Acting
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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I just downloaded this game because of Baz, it caught my attention because the character reminds me of a content creator that I watch LOL and the game looks really good!

OHHH what content creator? 👀

Badboyhalo 😅


Hello! I was wondering if this game is still being worked on? D: There hasn't been an update log for quite some time... I really hope it's not abandoned, it has a lot of potential!

(1 edit)

A little late to this comment but yes! After the jam we were a lil burned out but development is plodding along! We should release an update for beta testing on the discord server soon 🦆


I'm so looking forward to more of this/the full game! It's such a charming and entertaining game with adorable and intriguing characters. Will definitely be playing every LI which doesn't happen that often with me. Really want to know what happened between MC and Viriam. Also now even I am curious what is going on with fern these days. Same with peregrine, kinda think there's something going on. Or it's because of the failed mission. I'm scared, kinda get the feeling that ros actually won't get ressurected :O fingers crossed i'm wrong. also the duck. either it's a very normal and ordinary duck... or it is either something to do with the dragon/ some shapeshifter like peregrine (maybe they can talk with each other and that's why he was so puzzled)/ or some monster/duck combo xD

also i love the different LI's reactions to the duck and was hoping for mr broom to speak when they were alone xD


I don't trust that duck. *eyes suspiciously*

Wise 👀


The demo was so cute! It really carries the chaotic feel of DND -- I'm so excited to see what you guys do with it! Its already a lot of fun so I can only imagine it will be far better once everything comes out. Best wishes to all of you!


This game perfectly captures the unbridled chaos of a good D&D adventure! Shenanigans from beginning to end, and full of fun references. I am definitely looking forward to the complete game, and curious where this adventure takes us!

I liked all the LIs - Baz and Algernon were fantastically chaotic, and Viriam was amusingly non-chaotic. (I actually liked him a lot more than anticipated - sorry Clove, we are definitely getting back together with our ex! XD) I would totally date Fern too if I could, but more power to them for not getting sucked into this hot mess of dating party members. The group dynamics between all the cast members were really fantastic and well written, and all the characters are really compelling.

Fantastic voice acting, especially from Fern with their rage and the cute duck. (I neeeeed to know whats up with the duck!) The UI was neat, I loved the little text boxes!

I played this on Android, and the game worked well and the text was easy to read! The menu buttons were a bit small, but I also have a small phone. I did notice a few bugs, the biggest was during Baz's conversation on peanuts, his sprite was set low and cut off the text box. I think it has to do with skipping, and when I hit back until the start of the scene it fixed itself. During character creation the bald sprite jumped to the right. The menu drop-down sometimes closed after hitting "back" to scroll back text, but not under all conditions.


Super cute demo! I'm really excited for the full story, and fantastic job with it so far! The characters are really endearing


Thank you so much, slowly wading our way through the restttt 🦆🦆🦆 

(2 edits) (+3)(-1)

looks like a game art style drawn by the "total drama" series, looks really good

also that duck looks like its that one duck from the game "Dread Weight", a sequel to that one visual novel "Cooking Companions", kind of a funny coincidence, or maybe its not a coincidence at all...?

Hello there, appreciate the comment! Thanks so much for saying that, the inspiration was very much Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network cartoons so I'm glad it hit the mark. As for Dread Weight, no relation though I'm sure they'd be the best quackers together 🦆❤️


Love this! It melds together so many of my favorite things: Otome, DnD, Cartoon Network style comedy.

Thank you so much for playing! Aww I love that I'm so glad 😍

I absolutely adored this demo, I’m in love with Baz and all of the party.

Me too. The Baz is so cute... and he has an amazing voice. A shadow who is just doing his shop and wants to go on vacation. It's just awesome

The Baz Fanclub welcomes you, membership for a measly ten thousand gold coins! 

In all seriousness I'm so glad you guys liked it ♥️ Marlon, Baz's Voice actor, completely nailed Baz's golden retrieverness!


omg, first off, the art is stunning! The voice acting is so well done and the writing is hilarious :')

I did not expect to like Viriam as much as I do!???? what is haPPENING?????? The whole cast of characters are amazing, I genuinely love them all! The party dynamic is so great and perfectly chaotic as all good adventuring parties should be ( •̀ ω •́ )

Mr Broom and The Duck have some chemistry going on 👀

The demo is really well made and so polished, I'm so impressed!! I am super super excited for future content :D


You gorgeous baby, you ♥️♥️♥️ I'm so happy you gave it a shot and aww shucks thanks so much! The team did a great work and I'm so glad it reads the way we hoped it would!

Ah yes. Welcome to the Viriam fanclub! None of us are quite sure how we got here either 😂  AND YES!, that's what we were going for just pure dumb DND party shenanigans

Cannot confirm or deny 😂😂😂

Thank you so much, hopefully we can push out V2 on schedule August 1st ♥️

Aww again thanks so much for playing and being and fhdhdksha 🦆

wow so soon!!!! I am extremely excited 🦆💕

I just finished the demo and I completely love it so far! I will be definitely waiting for the full release <3


Working frantically to get it done and eager to hear your thoughts when it's out ♥️


I didn't play the game but the body design reminds me of the Total Drama characters and I like that


Heyo, there's definitely a TD inspiration behind it, as well as some other Cartoon Network / Nickelodeon shows 🦆


I've only played a few minutes and the game is very fun and interesting, although I wonder if they plan to translate the game in the future, since I have to use the translator to continue with the story because I'm Spanish, and I haven't mastered English yet very good (even to be able to write this I used the Google translator).


Hola, no hay planes en marcha para la traducción - el alcance del proyecto ya ha crecido mucho más allá de lo que queríamos que fuera, por lo que estamos siendo conscientes de las características que añadimos. Te agradecemos mucho que hayas jugado ❤️


Ok thanks, by the way it shows that the drawing style is from Total Drama



Something just about this is just so fun yk?!?!? I love the style and characters soooo much, more people better start playing this because its something you really wont regret. IM READY TO PLAY MORE RAAAAAHHH!! :]


Silly and goofy fun is all we've ever wanted it to be ❤️❤️ Thank you so much for playing, hopefully we'll get the second milestone out soon enough 🦆 


Duckies galore! Interesting retro danny phantom-esque style and dig comic book style speech bubbles!
Love Roz as the ghost character XD

Unfortunately, I am a bit more sensitive to motion sickness and while I appreciate the quick animation pans, it also makes me dizzy. If possible a toggle for that would be great! 

Also wish the UI on the right bar didn't block characters sometimes! (Maybe the bag UI can just open to everything else on hover, or characters a bit to the left?)

I think it's cool a unique take on VN and enjoy the funny dialogue!


Hi there, thanks for the comment and even more so - for the suggestions. We'll see what we can do for the motion sickness issue for the full game release.


Thanks for reading, and look forward to it! 


I recently played it with my wife and we really liked it. The absolute annihilation of Baz, my god! 

Loved the humor throughout and we chose to continue the adventure with the ex. Loved the dynamic of an obviously bad previous relationship end. And Algernon constantly trying to get us to do the worst options it seems.

My only main critique is related to the voice over and mainly I wanted MORE. I remember the disclaimer, this is a demo, short on time, etc. That being said I really liked what was currently voiced and want all of the dialogue. Including the internal dialog (mainly because I dont read fast lol). There was also a few times, that there was slightly more mhhhs and ughhs (as full voice lines) in a row on a few dialog paths. Again, aware of the time constrains so understandable.

Omg I love you guys so much for playing thisss 🥹 I wrote Viriam's route so I'm really glad y'all went for ✨dysfunction✨.  I really want to do an Agony Algernon column where he just gives the worst possible advice to people. "Sure you should show up at his family's brunch unannounced, guys love that"

When we started out we were doing some of the scenes fully voiced but we realised reeeeeal fast that it was impossible to voice the whole thing and had to become more mindful of what was getting voiced vs not. 

The Voice Actors all did a tremendous job and Kylie worked double-time editing/cutting/balancing all the VO and we're so glad you liked it and wanted more! 🦆❤️


Ready to take flight with Lord of the Wings?

MarySueGames and team have done AMAZING with this gem

If you've not played this yet, get right on it. 

  • Voice acting = superb. 
  • Writing = Witty & on point.
  • "Flirt" scene = Download worthy in and of itself.


I recently downloaded this game and I was definitely NOT disappointed. From the voice acting to the characters style and personality, This game was cute and amazing! When I first saw baz, I thought of badboyhalo from the dsmp (Dream smp). He is my fav character overall in the game (Algernon is second) and I can't wait to see more of him! I hope the full version comes soon. Keep up the good work! Remember to est rest drink water and take breaks as well. :]


AAA thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad you liked our Baz too! He's certainly very charming and adorable!<3

We have released our first ducklog (Algernon didn't write this) about our update plans, and a discord link if you're interested to try our smaller release (and join Baz's fan club too! We have cookies for 1500gp)!


EEE! Ok! I'll definitely join the discord RN! I wish I could help somehow buuut I can't draw that well TvT. Anyways!I'll def join rn! If theres anything I can do Lemme know! (My discord user is feathers_wife69#0093 :] )


(i just started looking and I can't find the discord TvT)

Hey there. The link to the discord can be found at the bottom of our newest Ducklog.

This was a very lovely game :3 I love the story and the art, especially how dynamic the characters movement and posing are. Taken into consideration with the backgrounds, it's almost like watching a "choppy" animation, like way of the househusband! Everything was very dynamic, and the characters themselves were just darling, especially Baz. I liked Viriam more than I thought I would--he earns points in my book for being suspicious of the duck lol--anything that cute must have a dastardly side. 

I look forward to the full release!!! Great job y'all <3


Heyyy, thank you so much for playing and for the lovely comment ❤️ Part of the reason it's taken so long to actually get the game out has been powering through all that staging and Ren'py's camera angles, so it's really good to hear it's working! Cannot confirm or deny dastardly side 😂  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts when the whole thing's finally out and done!


Lord of the Wings has totally made my day! I've always loved role playing games and adventuring. The voice acting is superb! Props to your voice talent! The art is wonderful - sprites, backgrounds, the user interface with duck sliders. Customisable main character colours, hair etc - are you kidding me?  Absolutely brilliant! Fern is so grumpy. Is it wrong to love her banter and utter displeasure at Baz? Omg, the options for a 5th party member - hilarious :) Love the demo!  Literally cannot wait for more content!

LILAAAAA HEY! YOU PLAYED ITTT! The voice actors did a phenomenal job and the recording sessions were so, so fun ❤️ The artists worked really hard and Erin naiiiled the backgrounds, so I'll pass on the message - I'm sure they'll be thrilled. Oh, absolutely not, we're all half in love with Fern ourselves. They're the real MVP. Love you more, it's getting worked on so hopefully we'll wrangle ourselves a full game soon enough 🎉


I LOVEEEE IT SOOOOOO MUCH, i love every character omg, i love this game already, all of them have my heart, the voices for each character are so nicee, if I had to choose my fav i would say Viriam alsjdal I just love that type of characters. They are all so fine??? such a good job, looking forward to more updates!!! <33


AND WE LOVE YOU FOR ITTT, omg thanks so much ❤️ I really appreciate this, it's so cool to know people are playing it and enjoying it! Also hell yes a Viriam fan, erm, I mean I have no favourites and love them all the same 😂   I'm glad you love him! Xander/Jett did an incredible job bringing Cloriam to life and all that saltiness really is incredibly fun to write. Updates coming soon - devlog is currently on draft waiting to be okayed with more info on how we're moving forward with this 🦆🦆🦆 


i chose he/him pronouns but baz and fern called me by she and they pronouns while i stood between them as they argued, i'm not completely sure if this is a bug but i just wanted to let it come to your attention

Hey, thanks so much for letting me know, I appreciate you! Definitely a bug, I'll fix it and patch it up asap ❤️

I LOVE IT SO MUCH ALREADY!! i can't wait for it to be finished!!! baz is my favorite, he's such a cute little guy!! <3 god, i love the style and the voices! you guys did so well, even if its just a demo ^^


And we love you for loving our game!!! We have many Baz supporters here, and I hope you will enjoy the sunshine vibe he'll bring to your party! <3


This game is so so lovely! I liked it very much so far and im pretty excited for the next update! Very good job guys!!!


Hey Lo, thank you so much, the team appreciates you ❤️ Next update coming SoonTM, hopefully it'll be just as entertaining!

I can't see the characters

(1 edit)

Oh dear, that's not good, thanks for letting us know so we can sort it out ❤️ What are you using to play the game? Windows, Mac, Linux, Android...? 


I played this game, the storyline is good tho! :3

OH MY GOOOODDDDD this is so cool!! I'm so happy you enjoyed it ❤️ It's always so fun to see everyone's character customisation, makes the whole thing worth it ❤️


You're welcome! :3


All of these guys are so amazingly cute! Algernon is a cutie with all of his little pranks and stuff, but for some reason I'm just falling for Baz's cute little chipper vibes. He just seems so cuddly and fun! (As we can see, I have a type)

Everything has such a nice style, and it kind of reminded me when I loved to play DnD with friends in highschool! I also love the duck, and Olivia's VA for the duck was super cute!

You and your team did an amazing job, and I'm looking forward to more!!! <3


Quack Quack Quack <3 (Thank you so much!)


Hiiii! We're so happy you enjoyed the game and loving the characters!

Baz is the cuddliest person ever and we all love him so much! I hope he'll bring much more joy to your adventure once the full game is out! :D


This game is absolutely lovely so far! All the characters are so unique and fun, I love them!

At first I was more drawn to Baz, and I still find him adorable and fun, buuuut I have to say Algernon is growing on me rapidly with his shenanigans.

I really like how clean and stylized everything looks, plus all the space for the characters to move around allows for some really fun and dynamic scenes, I find that cool as heck!

I'm so excited to see more! Give us the duck!


FLO MY BELOVED ❤️😭 thanks so much for this, I appreciate you. Baz is definitely a delightful golden retriever cinnamon roll, but. I mean. Algernon comes with Mr Broom, that's hard to top 😂 

Duckie shenanigans incoming SoonTM 🦆🦆🦆


mariaaaa!!! what a fucking banger! the passion in this project is off the charts and you can just see that in the entire team's work and performance to just even bring about THIS demo. The art is so cohesive, the voice acting is so lively, and the writing is stellar and I'm weeping screaming rolling on the floor waiting for all three LIs and their routes to finally be out like pls u guys are killing me here and Pix too, even if I know there's no route, i wanna smooch her bye thanks

SKAI MY BABE, ILY GDAMNIT thanks so much for playing and just being... so supportive? We're also dying here ngl, there's still SO MUCH TO DO and also yes, Pix route never ever ever ever happening ever because the scope's effed up as is but, in our hearts, we KNOW and the fanfiction will happen. 


I  love this demo!!!I especially like its unique art style and animation effects!!!Looking forward to subsequent updates www


BTW,I love Viriam's route so much TT

Also tysm for the Viriam love 😭❤️ he's the route I wrote for lotw I definitely don't have a favourite child and had so much fun writing all their angry banter

Thank you so much, that means a lot to us - the animations were a sob to get working so it's always so good to know it's worth ittt ❤️ 

(2 edits) (+2)

Just finished the demo and I'm so excited for the full game! Will we get to change our eye colour?

Also ~swoon~ Algernon <3


Hello, writer of Algernon's route here! Sadly, you won't be able to change the eye color because it'd require a complete overhaul of the code.

But thank you for being an Algernon enjoyer! Hope you enjoy his route once LOTW gets its full release ^^ 


He's 100% my brand. Chaotic Stupid my beloved <3


Great art style; Reminds me of the saturday morning cartoons of old. The animations add a lot to the mood of the scene! Great story hook and cant wait to see where its going! VO is on point and adds a lot of personality and character to the characters.

Very much looking forward to play the final version!

Eyo babes, thanks for playinggggg ❤️ Really appreciate you. Rita did phenomenal work directing the VO and they're all so incredibly talented that the whole thing is just 👌 Can't wait for you to see the final thinggg


Top-notch insults (sock toast was my favourite) and wonderful voice acting to go with it, Mr. Broom and of course The Duck. This game is jolly good time.

Sock toast omg 😂 Idk what I was on when I wrote that but I love it so much. Also dayuuuuum, the sountrack slaps 🔥


Witty dialogue, loveable characters and THE CUTEST DUCK IN THE WORLD? It's gonna have to be 5 stars from me, dawg. Can't wait for the entire thing!

S'all about the duck ❤️ Thanks so much for this, I appreciate youuuuu


i love this game!!! the voice acting is so charming and alive, can't wait for the rest. (specifically baz ;DDD)


AAA thank you so much for loving the game and our Baz! Please contact our Voice Director to join Baz's fanbase! xD


amazing dialogue, the dynamic with viriam is specially great! :D


I'm so glad you enjoyed and played and fdhdhd 💛 I wrote Vi's route myself and Xander (Viriam)/Jett (MC) did such an amazing job voicing their interactions 😭❤️ 

(1 edit) (+3)

Just finished playing the demo and loved it. Looks very cinematic for a visual novel and I love to cartoon art-style. Reminds me of Total drama. Can't wait to play the final game. 

The hidden object mechanic is also super interesting, I wish more otome/visual novels did that as it really makes us pay more attention to the surroundings (and the amazing art)

Omg that's what we were going for, thank you ❤️ The art team did an incredible job and the style was very forgiving so it allowed us to do a lot of cool stuff (more to come, TBDDDD).

I'm glad you liked the hidden object mechanic, it didn't come into play too much in the demo but we wanted to get it in so that players who downloaded the demo could keep their saves when we patch in the rest. 💛


really stylish presentation, love the use of camera and word balloons. everything feels very cohesive and fun. nice job!

Thank you so much for playing, I'm so happy our overdramatic camera pans work 😂❤️